PinchukArtCentre completed the Applications Procedure for the Future Generation Art PrizeSource: . Author: May 14th, 2010

More than 6000 artists applied worldwide

The PinchukArtCentre has completed the application procedure for the Future Generation Art Prize. Since January 18, 2010, the democratic application procedure has allowed more than 6000 young artists from all continents, living in 125 countries, to apply.

The prize was supported by 15 partner platforms who communicated the prize worldwide and almost 100 correspondents engaging young artists from different continents.

Next to many applications from European and North American artists there has been a response from Asian, South American and African artists.

In total, applicants presented more than 25 000 works including all existing media. More than 60% of the artists are younger than 30 years old, and the proportion between male and female artists is almost equal.

Eckhard Schneider, General Director of the PinchukArtCentre:The overwhelming reaction shows the importance of establishing this first worldwide, innovative artprize for a young generation of artists’.

A competent international Selection Committee chosen by members of the jury will nominate a final shortlist of twenty artists. The shortlisted will be announced on June 22, 2010.

The exhibition of shortlisted artists will open at the PinchukArtCentre (PAC) in October 2010. The respected international jury will chose and announce the winner of the main prize in December 2010.

Statistics of the Future Generation Art Prize application procedure

Total applications made

  • Individual: 5919
  • Collective: 162
  • Total: 6081


  • Male: 53,08%
  • Female: 46,92%


  • 18-20: 2,37%
  • 21-25: 17,07%
  • 26-30: 38,94%
  • 31-35: 41,62%

Total countries: 125


  • Europe: 38,02%
  • North America: 30,30%
  • Asia: 13,19%
  • Former CIS: 9,22%
  • South America: 5,93%
  • Australia and Oceania: 1,89%
  • Africa: 1,45%

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